Request Remote Assistance
What is it?
Remote Assistance allows our computer technicians to diagnose and correct many computer problems over the internet without having to bring your computer into us! This service is designed to save our customers time and money.

What problems can we solve online?

  • Software Issues
  • Viruses / Malware / Spyware
  • Driver Installations
  • Printer Problems
  • Slow Computer
  • Pop-Ups
  • System Errors
  • Updates / Patches
  • Install Programs
  • Configure Applications
  • Backup Files
  • Plus More

There is a $50/hr fee per session and will be charged once the session has ended.
We gladly accept Master Card, Visa, and Debit for your convenience

Lets GO!

  1. Click "Get Started" to view our user agreement.
  2. Click "I Accept" to continue
  3. Call our tech staff at (618) 662-4095 to receive a secure session key.
  4. When prompted, download and run the small self deleting utility.
  5. Sit back and Relax!