Tips From the pros
These tips will help you maintain your computer and ensure you get a long life from your equipment. When followed correctly, and taking proper care, you will experience less computer issues, greater speeds, and an overall increase and steady performance. We have categorized these procedures according to how often they should be done for your convenience. Please feel free to print this page and use it as a guide. These tips can be used with a Desktop or Laptop.


  • Plug your computer into an uninterruptible power supply to protect your equipment from electrical issues.
  • Backup important information onto a disk or other medium incase of a computer or hard drive crash.
  • Power down your computer when not in use for an extended period of time, such as at night when you're sleeping.
  • Have a Reputable anti-virus program active and updated.


  • Switch off your computer before windows is shut down.
  • Throw away the software your computer came with. You never know when you will need it!
  • Unplug peripherals from the computer when they are powered up and in use.


  1. Make sure your Anti-Virus is up to date.
  2. Do a FULL virus scan on your computer.
  3. Run Windows Updates and make sure other software is updated as well.
  4. Update and run a Reliable spyware and maleware scanner.
  5. Delete your browser history and cookies. Some cookies may be hidden "tracking cookies"


  1. Remove unused programs and files. This can significantly speed up your computer and keep it running smooth.
  2. Defrag. This essentially organizes all of your data stored on the computer and will increase read / write speeds.
  3. Back up your data! Make sure to backup all of your data at LEAST once a month incase the unforeseen were to happen.
  4. Clean the lens on your CD/DVD drive using a "lens cleaning disk".
  5. Run "Disk Cleanup" to further remove unused programs.